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Daikin UK launches R32 system installations - Are you ready? training course

Daikin UK has launched a training course for installers that provides a complete overview of how to install and commission R32 systems. Incorporating both theory and hands on training, the course will ensure installers feel confident when using the low carbon emisson gas.

With the introduction of the 2015 F-gas regulations and the EN378 update, it is essential that installers are not only moving towards using lower environmental impact refrigerants such as R32, but also feel confident when installing the new systems. 

To ensure this, Daikin UK has designed and launched a new training course - ‘R32 System Installations – Are you ready?’ - to provide a comprehensive understanding of R32 systems as well as best practice for installation, commissioning and servicing.

Exploring the F-Gas and EN378 updates and the future of the sector, the course covers in detail all aspects of working with R32 systems, such as handling, safety, transportation and storage. 

In addition, to accompany the theory-based session, a practical session details the specific tool requirements and attention points during R32 system installation, commissioning, repair and pump down.

Available at Daikin UK Air Conditioning training centres in Woking, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow and at the DoubleTree Hilton in Nottingham, the programme running from November to March ensures that more installers, commissioners and service engineers across the UK have access to a training session.

Martin Passingham, Project Manager for DX at Daikin UK said, ‘As the F-Gas phase down continues, it is vital that installers, commissioners and service engineers begin transitioning to R32 systems such as Bluevolution. 

“Extremely similar to R410a systems, utilising many of the same tools and processes, R32 unit installation is simple and straightforward. However, to ensure peace of mind and confidence for installers approaching their first R32 system installation, we have created the ‘R32 System Installation – Are you ready?’ training sessions, which explain everything installers need to know.  

“For those on the first step of the F-Gas journey to using more environmentally friendly refrigerants, access to specialist manufacturer-led training and guidance is paramount to the adoption of new energy efficient refrigerant solutions.”

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