VRV IV heat recovery technologies
The best is now even better


Until recently, most commercial buildings needed separate systems for cooling, heating, hot water etc. The result: major energy waste.
Our integrated heat recovery system reuses heat from offices or server rooms to warm other areas or create hot water.


Heat recovery can lead to COPs of up to 10

Improved efficiency

In heat recovery operation, VRV IV is up to 15% more efficient than previous systems. In full load operation the seasonal efficiency is efficient even up to 28% better compared to VRV III thanks to Variable Refrigerant Temperature.


Advantages of 3-pipe technology

The logical choice: 3-pipe technology is more efficient and delivers more capacity at the same time.
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Maximum comfort

Thanks to simultaneous cooling and heating, buildings can benefit from

  • A perfect environment for users as they can freely choose between cooling or heating.
  • A perfect working climate within areas facing either south or north.


Fast design and quick installation

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of single- and multi-BS boxes for flexible and fast design
  • Cut installation time significantly using our wide range, compact size and light weight multi BS boxes

pic_BS box 

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