the best of two worlds united

Heating and cooling that’s simply radiant

Nexura offers you the best in heating and cooling, in comfort and design. Of course it uses state-of-the-art heat pump technology, but its best feature is a hidden one: the front panel heats up to give you that familiar, welcome feeling of a warm radiator.

Sleek design for modern interiors

The look of the Nexura floor standing unit is functional yet stylish. Its sleek design and flowing lines integrate easily with contemporary interiors.

Radiant heat panel


To add even more comfort on cold days, the aluminum front panel of the Nexura unit has the capability to warm up, just like a traditional radiator. 
The result? A comfortable feeling of warm air that envelopes you.  
All you have to do to activate this unique feature is push the ‘radiant’ button on your remote control for an even cosier atmosphere in your room. 

The ultimate in comfort

Nexura creates the optimal indoor climate all year round, by combining the efficiency advantages of a heat pump with the comfort of a traditional heating system. Its very low airflow rate and ultra quiet operation create a perfectly calm atmosphere, while the radiant front panel heats to a comfortable 22°C to create a comforting airflow just like a radiator.

Energy efficient up to 400%


When in heating mode, Nexura uses a renewable energy source: air. This makes it more energy efficient than heating entirely powered by fossil fuels. The unit achieves an energy coefficient of performance (COP) of more than 4 (4.36). This means that the system produces more than 4 kilowatts in heating or cooling capacity for every 1 kilowatt of electricity used, putting its efficiency rate at more than 400%.

Easy to install and control

Whether built-in, wall-mounted or standing on a leg, the Nexura is discreet and fits perfectly into your interior.

Inverter technology

The inverter technology developed by Daikin is a true innovation in climate control. The principle is simple: inverters adjust the power used to suit the actual demand. Because an inverter monitors and adjusts the temperature whenever needed, energy consumption drops by 30% compared to a traditional on/off system!