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Water cooled chillers

Water cooled chillers

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Daikin’s efficient and low-maintenance water cooled chillers are especially suitable for critical industrial applications where a temperature control accuracy of ±0.5°C is required. 

Your benefits

Wide range of products

Our extensive product line-up for medium- to large-scale facilities means you’re sure to find the optimum model for your application.

Application versatility

Daikin delivers energy efficiency to a wide range of process cooling applications, for all conditions and cooling requirements.

Outstanding durability

Daikin centrifugal chillers use the very latest magnetic bearing technology in their compressors to deliver outstanding durability and slash maintenance costs.

Large capacity

Our chiller range’s capacity goes up to 10800 kW in one unit, and corresponds to heat sources for district heating and cooling systems.


  • Large-size facilities

    Even large, energy-intensive facilities can enjoy outstanding economical operation that lowers electricity consumption.  

  • Process cooling at factories

    Daikin chillers are the perfect solution for process cooling in harsh conditions, offering precision control and stability in any temperature condition.

  • District cooling

    High performance, large centrifugal chillers bring unmatched reliability and stability to district cooling systems of large facilities.

Centrifugal compressor technology

Daikin’s innovative frictionless centrifugal compressor features only one moving part, for greater efficiency, improved reliability and lower maintainance costs.

Inverter technology

Daikin’s unique inverter technology only uses the power necessary to meet the real load, resulting in higher energy efficiency, quicker comfort levels and a faster return on your HVAC investment.

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