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Condensing gas boilers

Reliable gas condensing boilers

Product Image Daikin gas condensing boilers are unlike any others on the market. Thanks to double condensation, hot flue gases pre-heat both the heating water and your hot water. The result is maximum comfort, efficiency and low running costs.

Your benefits

Low costs

Our unique dual heat exchanger uses condensation to recover the maximum amount of heat. This means that you’ll enjoy low costs for both your heating and your hot water.

Maximum comfort

You expect Daikin to deliver maximum heating comfort and the domestic hot water needed in your customer’s home. Our innovative gas-fired condensing boiler provides it all, exactly as required.

Modulating high efficiency boiler

The Daikin gas condensing boiler has an advanced modulating control logic that automatically adjusts how much heat the boiler produces, so that you can always maintain the correct temperature within the home.

Easy installation

Installation time can be reduced to a minimum by usingm our pre-assembled backpack which acts as a wallmounting jig, the backpack contains the expansion vessel and all necessary valve connections allow for a quick and easy installation in one module and fits behind the boiler.

Low costs for both heating and hot water thanks to new innovative dual heat exchanger

Gas condensing boilers from Daikin are developed and manufactured to deliver benefits of the very latest combustion and thermal technology

Dual heat exchanger

1. With the heat exchanger for space heating, maximum efficiency is reached by removing excess heat from flue gases: the condensation effect

Gas condensing - dual heat exchanger

Unique in the market: 

double condensation, not only for heating but also for domestic hot water resulting in low running costs

[Unique Daikin feature] 
2. Thanks to the dedicated heat exchanger for instantaneous domestic hot water production, the condensation effect is also used for outstanding domestic hot water efficiency

Title: Maximum comfort, efficiency and low running costs | Daikin condensing boilers

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Description: Daikin condensing boilers cool the flue gases to the point that the steam they contain is condensed. The energy this generates is used as heating energy

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