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Conveni-Pack refrigeration system with heat recovery

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Conveni-Pack is a highly efficient refrigeration system which combines heating, cooling and refrigeration in a single, compact and integrated system. Designed for supermarkets and smaller shops, it helps lower energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Your benefits

Energy efficiency

Conveni-Pack recovers up to 100% of the heat extracted from supermarket refrigeration units and re-uses it to heat the retail space.

Compact solution

This refrigeration system is very compact compared with conventional systems. So it’s extremely well-suited to small to medium size shops.

Flexible system

Conveni-Pack can be connected to all grocery refrigeration applications and is supplied with a wide range of indoor air conditioning units to meet your shop requirements.

Quiet operation

Conveni-Pack has improved acoustics thanks to its night operation mode, inverter control and inverter driven fans with optimised blades and grilles.


Indoor units
Outdoor Units
Biddle air curtains

Heat recovery

The heat extracted from the refrigeration display cabinets or evaporators can be re-used for heating the shop comfortably at no extra cost.

  • Convenience stores

    Various temperatures are required for equipment in shops. An integrated freezer, refrigerator and air conditioner system for convenience stores delivers energy savings of about 50%.

  • Petrol stations

    Various temperatures are required for a typical petrol station shop. An integrated system of refrigerated showcases, refrigerators, a freezer room, a display counter and heating/cooling units delivers energy savings of about 50%.

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