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Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd  The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0NY

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Air conditioners for the light commercial sector

Product Image Daikin Sky Air offers you the most complete comfort and energy efficient solution for all kinds of small commercial spaces. It puts you in full control of heating and cooling, ventilation and air curtains.

Your benefits

Optimum solutions

Sky Air meets all your needs, from high specification, tailored solutions to basic cooling and heating. Its extensive product range meets the most stringent building specifications.

Energy efficiency

The Sky Air product range is optimised for top seasonal efficiency, for heating, cooling, ventilation and air curtains in shops, restaurants, banks and small offices.

Enhanced comfort

A flexible selection of temperatures to suit your specific situation better.

Flexible installation

The advanced technologies in the Sky Air system provide optimum comfort and flexible installations in light commercial applications, and in all weather conditions.


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  • Shops

    Create the ideal retail environment by offering your customers a perfectly comfortable climate from the moment they enter your shop.

  • Restaurants

    Daikin offers total temperature, air quality and humidity control, to keep your restaurant fresh, comfortable and welcoming, draught-free and whisper quiet.

  • Offices / banks

    Daikin offers total versatility and control for banking and office environments, where multiple zones have different demands.

  • Technical cooling

    Daikin easily meets the special challenges of server rooms where the heat generated needs to be removed by continuous cooling and humidity control.

Product line-up

Control systems

Title: Energy-efficient solution for small commercial spaces | Daikin Sky Air

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Description: Daikin Sky Air puts you in full control of heating and cooling, ventilation and air curtains for small commercial spaces like shops, restaurants and offices.

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